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Oris uses the slogan ‘Real watches for real people’. Whether it comes to watches for everyday use, or for the diver who does his work in extreme conditions, each watch is created with this in mind. A no-nonsense brand with 110 years of experience.

In 1904, two watchmakers Paul Cattin and Georges Christian decided to work together. They called their company Oris, after a nearby stream with the same name. Their vision: by means of industrial production, creating affordable high-quality watches. They are extremely successful at this and in 1910, Oris is with three hundred employees the largest employer in the region and in 1925 they produce their products at nine other facilities.

Led by among others David LeCoultre (Jaeger-LeCoultre) Oris gets recognition for their high quality products and becomes an established name. With a production of 1.2 million watches and clocks a year, Oris in the 1970′s belongs to the top ten watch producers worldwide.

The extensive collection consists of four basic-lines; Culture, Diving, Aviation and Motorsport. Within these lines you’ll find the familiar classics such as the Moon Pointer, Pointer Calendar or the Big Crown, but also new models that distinguishable by their distinctive appearance or exceptional combinations of functionality.

‘Real watches for real people’ we are convinced that Oris can offer a valued piece to the enthusiast and an avid collector alike.

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MeisterSinger the German watch brand, which produces strictly one-hand watches. Important design aspects are the double digits to indicate the hours, the needle hand and the 144 indexes to point out the time in steps of 5 minutes. That’s basically all you need to enjoy and know the time.

MeisterSinger takes time to celebrate the beauty of meaningful rituals with models like the No.3, Pangaea, Perigraph, Pangaea Day Date and the Circularis with their own movement.

Our lives are permeated by rituals big and small, public and private. They connect passing time, and add that extra something to everyday life and special moments. In these reoccurring instances, we realize that everything is okay – or at least not chaotic.

Some rituals that were familiar to our parents and grandparents build a bridge to the past, to our origins. Others we have developed ourselves – within our family, with friends, or even just for ourselves. They show us and the people around us our individuality, an individuality which is emphasized by models like the No.1, Salthora and Singulator.

We build a strong foundation for our lives when we regularly – and sufficiently – take time for the things that are important to us. It doesn’t matter if we are passionately devoted to tying the perfect knot in our necktie or simply taking time to enjoy an essential morning coffee: such rituals cannot be sped up, and they are not counted in seconds. They are always better and more meaningful when you take time for yourself.

Such personal rituals are also attached to wristwatches: carefully winding it up, for example, or even gazing in fascination at the movement of the watch with its oscillating balance wheel interrupts the morning rush. The smallest ritual, but also one of the most important, is looking at the dial. With this, we not only assure ourselves of our punctuality, but also our taste, our culture and our time.

MeisterSinger is committed to the idea that good things take time and need to be approached with devotion. Our single-hand watch concept, the way we do business, the way we make watches and how we deal with people and issues are all based on this idea. Devotees of MeisterSinger watches know the pleasant feeling of not letting time rush them along, but of shaping it as they please.

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Abraham-Louis Perrelet was born in the Le Locle region of Switzerland in 1729. As he was growing up, the young man became deeply interested in watchmaking and made a number of precision instruments.

In 1770, he concentrated on creating a system which would continue to function once set in motion. He thus marked out the route for development of the automatic movement – which he eventually completed in 1777.

His grandson Louis-Frédéric Perrelet was born in 1781 – and inherited the watchmaking genius of his grandfather. When he showed a very early talent for mechanics and mathematics, Abraham-Louis trained him before he left to study with Breguet.

Louis-Frédéric was a talented man, with a passionate interest in astronomy, physics and science; he soon became an independent watchmaker and presented his astronomical watch at the Universal Exposition of 1823. He was to become watchmaker-mechanic to three kings of France.

Over the next five years, Louis-Frédéric Perrelet produced and patented a split-second chronograph for physics and astronomy. This invention earned him a medal from the Academy of Sciences. More honors were to follow – in recognition of his talent and perseverance, he was made Knight of the Legion of Honor in 1834.

Louis, son of Louis-Frédéric Perrelet, took over on the death of his father in 1854 – and also became watchmaker to the kings of France.

The events of the second half of the century – followed by two World Wars in quick succession – inevitably halted Perrelet’s progress. It was to be another 160 years before the firm produced a new watch. Perrelet presented the double rotor in 1995. Ever since, it has been ploughing its own creative furrow, regularly presenting new models – in particular thanks to the Festina group, which bought out the Firm in 2004.

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Jorg Hysek

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Hysek can be described as both a watchmaking designer and a designer watchmaker: since it was founded in 1997, it has developed complex movements in close association with a particularly sophisticated aesthetic appearance. Through its primary vocation of design, Hysek imparts a refined, exclusive, avant-garde spirit to each of its creations.

Hysek entered the watchmaking scene with Kilada: its first line, revealing timepieces that summed up the philosophy that was to guide it henceforth: tight lines, a contemporary design and an approach that marked a breakaway from the codes of traditional watchmaking.

On the back of the success of its first creations, Hysek rapidly commenced operations on all continents. Its watchmaking excellence quickly expanded, too: in 2003, the Kilada was equipped with a tourbillon and in 2005, a Westminster minute repeater, dubbed Symphony, marked the entry of Hysek into fine watchmaking. The same year saw the arrival of the Abyss line, with its highly modern curves embodying the very special care take with the case profiles.

In 2007, Hysek undertook to bring together the different trades necessary for making its timepieces under one roof. From that time on, the brand has been committed to developing Fine Watchmaking calibers, including a tourbillon, a complication it duplicated for the Kilada XX-Ray: for the first time in the world, a watch was fitted with two tourbillon movements.

Even as the first ladies’ models were added to the collection, Hysek developed new models at a sustained pace: the Grand Complication Colosso GMT Minute Repeater, the ‘Furtif Mirage’ tourbillon, and the more classical IO line, as well as new automatic Hours, Minutes, Seconds and Chronograph calibers from the manufacture, bearing witness to the firm’s creative vitality. These many developments have contributed to Hysek’s growth, with the opening of its first stores in Asia in 2010 and 2012.

Manufacture Hysek now designs and produces watches, jewelry, writing implements and accessories. With products distributed in over 50 countries, Hysek can boast an international reputation and exposure.

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La Chaux-de-Fonds is the cradle of Swiss fine watchmaking. In 1887 Georges Eberhard, then aged 22, founded the Eberhard & Co Watchmaking Manufacture there.

From the very outset, the Firm specialized in the manufacture of technical watches, producing its first wrist chronograph in 1919. This complication would later become the firm’s specialty.

Eberhard & Co’s skills rapidly became known outside Switzerland. Eberhard & Co. timepieces could be admired on the wrists of wealthy clients, Italian Royal Navy officers and sportsmen alike.

When international trade recovered after the Second World War, Eberhard & Co. launched the Extra-Fort, a collection which still enjoys resounding success today.

During the 1970s, at a time when a large number of watchmaking manufactures were closing down, Eberhard & Co. found the strength to resist thanks to the visionary spirit of one man – Palmiro Monti. He was an Italian entrepreneur who bought Eberhard in the firm conviction that after the quartz era, fine watchmaking would make a comeback and be stronger than ever before.

Events proved him right and from the early 1980s onwards, mechanical watches were once again amongst the most popular luxury items.

Under his leadership, the firm enjoyed a new lease of life. In 2001, faithful to its reputation as a chronograph specialist, it brought out one of the most innovative models ever: the patented Chrono 4, the first chronograph with aligned counters.

Eberhard & Co. is a benchmark for high-end watches and chronographs, and remains one of few independent watchmaking firms.

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As the exclusive dealer in the Netherlands, the collection of Graham is available at Jeweler Harry Tromp in Amsterdam. The designers and watchmakers of Graham develop a way of mechanical perfection which is different from other Swiss watch companies. The Graham watches have their a personal, typical Graham look and are made of exclusive materials. Therefor the Graham watches have a certain self-confidence. They have a sporty and tough look, big pusher, big movements and bigger hands than most watches.

The Swiss watch brand Graham works differently with movements and materials. For example the mechanism that starts the chronograph with a trigger, it is used in several models. The use of scratch resistant ceramic and the strong but light carbon fiber, makes a very sporty look which makes the Graham watches differentiate of all other Swiss watches. Thereby all Graham movements are chronometer quality.

Graham guarantees quality. What looks like carbon fiber, is carbon fiber. What looks like ceramic, is ceramic. What looks like gold, always is solid 18krt gold. The diamonds used are always the best quality. All diver watches have helium escape. Like many Swiss watch companies, Graham uses sapphire glass but Graham applies an anti-reflective coating on both faces. Graham works like this since this is their atmosphere, their philosophy.

Delivering quality is of great importance for Graham. Therefor every part is checked twice and all watches are tested waterproof not once but twice. To make sure all Graham watches have the quality Graham stands for, they have an eye for details. The boxes include a zipped travel pouch. The zipper is not just any zipper but a Swiss RiRi. And the boxes and travel pouches are Swiss made too, by local craftsmen.

The warranty certificate comes in the shape of a passport. As each watch has a personality, is almost a living thing, it of course has to have its own passport with its own photograph in it. Each such passport is signed by a watchmaker because ultimately, this is what they are: Watchmakers.


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Girard Perregaux

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Girard-Perregaux is a Swiss fine watchmaker that dates back to 1791. Talented watchmaker Jean-François Bautte gained fame for his extra-flat watches and founded a watchmaking firm in Geneva, bringing together all the watchmaking trades of the day together under the same roof – a major first.

In 1852, Constant Girard founded Girard & Cie. Two years later, he married Marie Perregaux; following this marriage, the Girard-Perregaux Manufacture in La Chaux-de-Fonds was established in 1856.

Eleven years later, Constant Girard-Perregaux presented the legendary Tourbillon with Three Gold Bridges, winning a prize at the Universal Exhibition in Paris.

As it stepped undaunted into the twentieth century, Girard-Perregaux was one of the few manufactures to have an R&D team. This department enabled the brand to develop a number of revolutionary movements, as well as draw up the specifications for the quartz watch.

In 1966, Girard-Perregaux introduced the first high frequency movement (36,000 vibrations per hour). Watches fitted with this movement boast excellent performance. In 1967, 70 percent of chronometer certificates issued by the Neuchâtel Observatory went to High Frequency Chronometers.

The Constant Escapement – a complete technical revolution – was unveiled in 2013. Five years’ worth of research and development were necessary to achieve this significant breakthrough in watchmaking history. Although its name is a nod to one of the Firm’s historical figures, Constant Girard-Perregaux, first and foremost it refers to an almost mythical concept in mechanical watchmaking that has mesmerized designers since time immemorial: constant force. Girard-Perregaux has taken up the challenge of mastering this using a groundbreaking approach.

The Kering Group has held a majority stake in Girard-Perregaux since 2011.

Ever since 1791, Girard-Perregaux has been pursuing its course in the best tradition of Fine Watchmaking. The Maison’s history has been characterized by legendary timepieces that combine cutting-edge design with innovative technology.

The firm is completely focused on exceptional haute horlogerie design, and is one of just a few to bring together all the trades to design and produce its movements in one place. With over 80 patents, Girard-Perregaux is fully dedicated to research and development, ensuring that its unique heritage remains an ongoing part of modern watchmaking.

Faithful to its tradition of excellence, Girard-Perregaux seeks to pass on this legacy; it is actively committed to handing down its watchmaking heritage to emerging talent.

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Gert.-Lang, the founder of Chronoswiss, has been making exclusive Swiss mechanical watches, by hand. Almost every model in the Chronoswiss collection are provided with a manufactured movement. This means that those movements are all produced by Chronoswiss, in their own fabric. As one of the few watch companies, Chronoswiss has only made mechanical movements ever since the founding in 1983. Love and passion for the smallest details and passion for technical precision make the Chronoswiss watches special.

The Chronoswiss watches are recognized by the crown, which has a direct connection to the heart of the watch, the movement. This family business has been designing watches of Swiss quality for years, with passion and love for technique.

Handmade work, craftsmanship and preservation of traditions like guilloche à main and enameling by hand are key values for Chronoswiss. The Swiss watch company also works with the Dutch car make Spyker.

The Chronoswiss collection has sporty and classical watches. The different variations of the TimeMaster represent the sporty collection of Chronoswiss. The TimeMaster is available in steel, steel with PVD coating and in rose gold with big date, chronograph and GMT but as well without functions. The classical collection of Chronoswiss is represented by the Sirius watches. The Sirius has even more variations like date, day or month indication, as a skeleton, with moon phase, perpetual calendar or with a chronograph. The competent Chronoswiss watchmakers are also able to produce a Minute Repetition and perpetual calendars.

Chronoswiss guarantees high-end Swiss quality with an eye for detail and passion for watches.

The collection of Chronoswiss is available at Jeweler Harry Tromp in Amsterdam.

Arnold & Son

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