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Gert.-Lang, the founder of Chronoswiss, has been making exclusive Swiss mechanical watches, by hand. Almost every model in the Chronoswiss collection are provided with a manufactured movement. This means that those movements are all produced by Chronoswiss, in their own fabric. As one of the few watch companies, Chronoswiss has only made mechanical movements ever since the founding in 1983. Love and passion for the smallest details and passion for technical precision make the Chronoswiss watches special.

The Chronoswiss watches are recognized by the crown, which has a direct connection to the heart of the watch, the movement. This family business has been designing watches of Swiss quality for years, with passion and love for technique.

Handmade work, craftsmanship and preservation of traditions like guilloche à main and enameling by hand are key values for Chronoswiss. The Swiss watch company also works with the Dutch car make Spyker.

The Chronoswiss collection has sporty and classical watches. The different variations of the TimeMaster represent the sporty collection of Chronoswiss. The TimeMaster is available in steel, steel with PVD coating and in rose gold with big date, chronograph and GMT but as well without functions. The classical collection of Chronoswiss is represented by the Sirius watches. The Sirius has even more variations like date, day or month indication, as a skeleton, with moon phase, perpetual calendar or with a chronograph. The competent Chronoswiss watchmakers are also able to produce a Minute Repetition and perpetual calendars.

Chronoswiss guarantees high-end Swiss quality with an eye for detail and passion for watches.

The collection of Chronoswiss is available at Jeweler Harry Tromp in Amsterdam.