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As the exclusive dealer in the Netherlands, the collection of Graham is available at Jeweler Harry Tromp in Amsterdam. The designers and watchmakers of Graham develop a way of mechanical perfection which is different from other Swiss watch companies. The Graham watches have their a personal, typical Graham look and are made of exclusive materials. Therefor the Graham watches have a certain self-confidence. They have a sporty and tough look, big pusher, big movements and bigger hands than most watches.

The Swiss watch brand Graham works differently with movements and materials. For example the mechanism that starts the chronograph with a trigger, it is used in several models. The use of scratch resistant ceramic and the strong but light carbon fiber, makes a very sporty look which makes the Graham watches differentiate of all other Swiss watches. Thereby all Graham movements are chronometer quality.

Graham guarantees quality. What looks like carbon fiber, is carbon fiber. What looks like ceramic, is ceramic. What looks like gold, always is solid 18krt gold. The diamonds used are always the best quality. All diver watches have helium escape. Like many Swiss watch companies, Graham uses sapphire glass but Graham applies an anti-reflective coating on both faces. Graham works like this since this is their atmosphere, their philosophy.

Delivering quality is of great importance for Graham. Therefor every part is checked twice and all watches are tested waterproof not once but twice. To make sure all Graham watches have the quality Graham stands for, they have an eye for details. The boxes include a zipped travel pouch. The zipper is not just any zipper but a Swiss RiRi. And the boxes and travel pouches are Swiss made too, by local craftsmen.

The warranty certificate comes in the shape of a passport. As each watch has a personality, is almost a living thing, it of course has to have its own passport with its own photograph in it. Each such passport is signed by a watchmaker because ultimately, this is what they are: Watchmakers.